Melissa’s experience as a physiotherapist has seen her gain a keen interest and expertise in rehabilitation – the perfect fit for us here at the clinic. She has worked with patients in post-surgical rehab, stroke & aged care, acute surgical wards and general hospital outpatients during her time at Concord Hospital, Calvary Hospital, Sydney Private Hospital and as a community mobile physiotherapist.

Having had 2 hip operations herself, she knows from first hand experience the value of exercise prescription for rehabilitation. She can certainly empathise with anyone suffering hip issues! She also knows the immense benefits of aligning joint-specific exercises with exercises for general core strengthening and stability.

Her further education has included dry needling, assessment of running and gait analysis, as well as APPI Pilates training to match the training of our other Physio Pilates instructors here at the clinic.

Outside the clinic, Melissa is studying part time at Morling College towards a Bachelor of Ministry, which she hopes to use to volunteer with disadvantaged children in the future. She also spends an unhealthily large amount of time with her Boston Terrier named Hercules, and whatever time is left in the week with her husband Roshan.

Melissa was a patient of our clinic prior to working here, and has seen for herself the benefit that our Physio Pilates can bring. She’s excited to be able to deliver those results for other patients now that she has the opportunity to do so.

“Having been in a unique situation where I was Pilates patient here myself, I already had insight into the practice before applying for the interview. The practice owners really care about the patients and so I’m excited to be part of a team who really cares.

I’m also excited to be further trained in Pilates and help people have stronger bodies. I enjoy developing relationships with my patients and so am excited to move out of the hospital system into private practice which allows for one on one consultations. I’m really looking forward to meeting more and more of you over the years ahead.”

Melissa is available the following hours: